Need some help / suggestions with Psycho prop...


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Hi there!

New here, and thought I would strat by asking if anyone here has any recommendations or insight as to how the original Mrs. Bates prop for the original Psycho was made. I know that a plastic skull was used, past that, I am unsure what the wrinkled material was that covered the face.

I found a thread that has some wonderful pics of the real prop. It seems like whatever it is is slowly starting to let go from the eye sockets. It seems to be a really thin material that was right up against the skull, stretched over it.

I have my skull ready here, and have tried a number of things on a test skull: Clay, which was too thick, and didn't give the right look. Caulk (which I have used before to sculpt a full Creature From The Black Lagoon bodysuit, as well as a full Friday the 13th 7 bodysuit) again was too thick, and quite messy. Latex rubber, which was thin enough, but how to get that wonderful wrinkled / mummified look? I even tried skin (thin goat hide, as used in drum making, or the making of replica shrunken heads). Quite difficult to manipulate.

So I turn to you, and ask if anyone here has any suggestions on any of this. Feel free to contact me with any info. Thanks!!


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