Need some Cap america shield detail clarification help

Hello Fellas
I havent been on here in a while hope yall doin fine
My questions are
I have searched all over this site as well as the net fir a good clear pic of the back of caps shield what i am trying to clarify is
1. Is there a perimeter ring on the back of the shield that the strap brackets attach to
2. Are there rivet heads showing on the strap brackets
3. are there rivet heads showing on the tips of the star as i looked at several screen shots and I do not see them the shield I am trying to replicate is from TFA I see that Valor uses them but i didn't see it on the screen used shield did I miss it.
4. Does anyone have a good screen shot of the back of the shield they would be so kind as to direct me to.
5, Are the straps stitched or no
Thanks in advance

Kevin Gossett

Master Member
1. Yes
2. Yes, but not actual rivets. Just spun into the metal for the appearance
3. Yes, same as above
4. See below
5. Some straps have two rows of stitching, some only have one


All the answers to your questions are readily available here on the forums.
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