need some advice (kinda a boot question)

Discussion in 'Replica Props' started by Umori Bawar, Feb 4, 2006.

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    ok i have a pair of the cheap verison jedi boots, and the back heal has statted to relase from the rubber base, does anyone know a glue that would reattach it so i dont have to buy anotehr pair, im still saveing up for nicer custome made boots but aint there yet and really dont want to buy another cheap pair boots and when u dress as a jedi everday like me u cant go back to regulare store bought boots.
  2. exoray

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    Check around for "Shoe Goo" it works ok, don't expect a long time repair but it works in a bind...
  3. OldKen

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    whats this all aboot?

    sorry i had to. :p
  4. Jayn

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    There's also a glue called "Barge" that's made for that.. It's a very strong contact cement. if you use it, just follow the directions carefully..

  5. ob1al

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    Do you have a shoe repair/cobblers shop near to you?

    For a reasonable charge, they should be able to repair your boots.
  6. Goldenrod

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    Yelp. Barge adhedsive is the way to go.
    You apply it to both halves. Use just enough to cover the surfaces evenly,not to much and let it get tacky and then squeeze the 2 pieces together firmly.Be sure you have them lined up because you probably won't get it apart. If you have a clamp then use it. Overwise just place something heavy on it(check to make sure its still lined after doing so,you don't want to come later and see it glued together crooked). Leave it clamped for a few hours. This stuff is strong.
    BTW its what the Muppets are held together with :thumbsup :)
    It can be purchased at any shoe repair shop.

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