Han Solo's Hoth outfit - Some advice needed


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Living in somewhat Northern Australia, it doesn't tend to get very cold. Infact we're lucky if it gets below 5 degrees C (About 40F) so of course when I saw a costume of Han's Hoth snow gear pop up on clearance I decided to grab it. It's never snowed where I live, and this cost me a whopping $50aud brand new, can you believe no-one bought this.

Here's what Its advertised like. Its made by Charades and its billed (And usually priced) as a Premium costume. It comes with the Parka, Hat, Scarf, Gloves, Gauntlets, Pants, Boot Covers and belt.

Straight out of the bag, the Boot covers, Belt, gloves and comm badge on the jacket are garbage. I build an ESBish accurate gunbelt over lockdown so i've got that covered to replace the awful rubber belt. Boots will be a leather build later on, gloves is an easy sort out and I've 3d printed a comm badge with some pin backs attached. The original comm badge is cast latex and sewed on. 2 minutes with a seam ripper and its gone.
Here's some right out of the bag shots.
han1.jpg han 2.jpg
Its genuinely pretty great. The parka feels quality, details don't entirely suck and the fit on me is perfect. I'm a shorter dude so medium was excellent. This leads me to my questions.

1. Does anyone know what the actual ESB Han scarf was made from? This one could benefit with a replacement to the thin nylon one. I'm thinking probably fleece.
2. I want to see goggles people! Its missing goggles, and while the goggles, they do nothing, I'd like an accurateish pair without breaking the bank. Does anyone have suggestions? Bare in mind, we don't have snow stores or suppliers where I live, checking a local sporting goods supplier is gonna give me swimming goggles and weird looks.


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The goggles are motocross goggles from a motocross mask set you can find on ebay. Just remove the goggles. I need to remove the black foam and they're perfect enough.
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