Need Pics of Zissou Toque!


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sweet -- but close to 3 bills for shirt and pants -- I'm out fellows, unless I win lottery.

I'll still be watching thread with great interest...and if you still make hat, perhaps that will be more within what I can spend on Zissou stuff.

Indy Magnoli

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Unfortunately, I had to send the shirt and pants directly to the customer without time for a photo shoot. Hopefully he'll chime in with some photos.

Kind regards,

Indy Magnoli

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The shirt would be $150 (shipped). Yes, I'm still planning on doing the toque, but the priority in the knitwear department right now it to catch up on pending orders (we're really backlogged at the moment).

Kind regards,

Han Jones

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We did these costumes right after the movie came out but nobody knew what the heck they were. I can't understand why the movie was a huge hit.


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On that note, I found this hunting toque that looks like it would be the right size if you wore it correctly, and just about the same stiching. Only downside is its orange not red, but maybe with some dye we might have a winner.

For 2.99 why not? touque.jpg?rand=471825058

Bright Orange Toque [5465] - $2.99 : , Frontier Firearms

(sorry about the zombie thread, but I think we should keep this all in one place)

After looking at this for years, I finally broke out Photoshop and checked the hat. While they say "red" in the script, the truth is when you remove all color grading, the hats they wore were actually orange. I still like the red ones better, but the hats worn by the cast were orange.
I've done this test with 12 screen grabs, and they are all the same. Orange. Makes me a little sad, as that's one of the ugliest colors out there... LOL

Screen Shot 2017-03-17 at 9.30.38 PM.png
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adidas just brought these 'back' - weird to me to "bring back" sneakers when they are only lightly inspired by the film. Not screen accurate....

Screenshot 2022-01-09 at 23.43.45.png


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