Need ideas on how to create a good zombie dog..


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So I have 363 days to work on this. ;)

Thinking about what to do for next halloween, decided to do something to incorporate my mutant pup Kia.

Decided to doll her up like Zowie, the zombie dog from Pet Sematary II while I can be a random victim. Andy in glasses kinda looks like Anthony Edwards so all he needs is a veternarian lab coat.

So Andy and I hit up Halloween USA after halloween to get the needed prosthtetics, makeup, blood, etc. to make me look chewed up. (Yay for 50% off.)

Now.... how to get Kia into character...

I'm going to let her roll in the dirt and mud for a nice 'fresh out of the grave' look. We're just not sure what to do about blood and stuff.

What's a good blood mix that she won't easily lick off and won't hurt her if she does? I was thinking of going for a good rabid, foaming at the mouth look too.

Ideas and suggestions wanted.

(I couldn't find any Zowie pictures on the web. Can anyone help with screen captures?) :)

Kia thanks you. :lol




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Check out Tim Burtons early short "Frankenweenie", where the main character revives his dog. its more of a cartoonish approach, but you might get an inspiration from looking at it. The short can be found on the NMBC dvd.



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i dont know, how easily would you want cleanup?

i was just reading a story about monty python, the holy grail, about the bunny,
they rented it from a lady, it was her pet, she didnt want it dirty, so the busied her, and added the blood,
according to them it never came out, at least when they tried to get it out,

the normal fake blood youll get will in all likely hood be made with corn syrup, and very edible for a dog, so probably licking himself all over wherever you guys go,
dont know if thats the look youd want, and sticky and a mess to clean up later,

red waterbased paint, but again cleanup, and how easy its going to be to get out will be a question,

i think for resident evil, they just covered them with some rubber, painted to look like blood and guts, id have to rewatch the behind the scenes to see if i saw it in them or somewhere else....


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I'm not worried about cleanup. I'll toss her in the bath and what doesn't wash out will grow out. :)

I wasn't sure how easily rubber appliances would adhere to her coat. It's obvious Dobermans were best suited for the role in RE with their smooth short coats.

Thanks for the input Michael. I'll pick up the NMBC dvd and check it out.


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Originally posted by Cutest_Sandgirl@Nov 3 2005, 02:30 PM

Thanks for the input Michael.  I'll pick up the NMBC dvd and check it out.

No problem, google brings up a few nice pics of Frankenweenie, if you don´t have the dvd handy.




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If you want you dog to look mean, I have heard of some method using rubber bands to make them look like they are snarling. Of course, it holds in place, nit sure how comfortable that will be after an hour or so.


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I'm working on teaching her how to "smile" on command. If it doesn't pan out, maybe some peanut butter around the gum line will make her curl her lips up. :lol

Or I can have her look sweet and innocent as always yet covered in blood and gore for the irony, since she is a push over. :)

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You might be able to use a bobby pin or some kind of hair clip to keep it on. Some extra fake fur to cover the clip and your good to go. Or you could a Dog jacket and mount a bunch of scars on it then have her wear it ?


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Take some pics of the dog. The Photoshop some treatments. Pass them around, and see what we like. I for one, like the dirty dog, with some leaves and fake blood. Add some light dust, and have the dog eat something with a lot of red food coloring in it, to give that fresh eaten flesh look. Keep popping the blood red treats as the effect wears off. If you make it a game to 'decorate' the dog, most dogs are oblivious to the junks stuck on them unless you want them to be oblivious to it.


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Well, I got the look I desired... only problem is my sister's dog had to be wrestling with her to get it. :rolleyes :lol


Not getting much success with getting her to show her teeth on command. Haven't had any time to play with ideas of how to gore her up either. Looking forward to muddy Spring. ;) :D


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That pic is awesome... :lol

If you could get her to do that on command, that would be impressive .... scary... but impressive :)
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