Costumes for a family - Kylo and Rey questions


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Hello community!

Been wanting to do Star Wars cosplay for years now. Been a fan since I was about 5. My 2-year-old saw BB-8 somewhere and has been ranting about it for what seems like an eternity. (So proud of him!)
My spouse suggested we do a family Halloween this year with themed costumes and she really likes BB-8 as well. So she suggested Rey, Kylo and obviously BB-8 for our son.
Now my spouse isn't that keen on cosplaying but figured going the Xcoser route for her Rey outfit and modifying / distressing it for some measure. (And maybe later applying her for Rebel Legion if she's in to it.)
BB-8: I was thinking just an inflatable costume for the boy. He's a little kid for goodness sake.
For Kylo I was scanning the web for a costume.
Are there any good base costumes to maybe later modify for 501st? Let's just say that I live in a Nordic country and with all the customs charges and whatnots - ordering single items from outside of the EU is never a good idea. Sufficient to say that most fabrics and parts for building your own part-by-part are no where to be found or super-duper expensive. So building one from scratch seems like a bad idea.

On a footnote - Disney trilogy is not my favourite. I enjoyed TFA. TLJ was different and on second viewing put it to my top 3 (mostly by judging the film by itself, not as a part of the Saga). ROS was just bad. Real stinker. It's the only SW movie I have only watched once. TLJ left me wanting for more Luke (See you around kid.) but they totally lost the ball on who the villain is and who the heroes are. I could talk about that all day but I'll save it for now. :D
Why sequel trilogy costumes then? Well, I'm 195cm tall so it would have to be Anakin, Vader (duh) or Kylo. Kylo for me was the best part of sequels with a unique look and like I mentioned before - my son and spouse love characters from the Disney films, so it's a no-brainer.

My question is this - what costumes and makers should I be focusing on? Xcoser? Lightsaber replicas to hang from the belt? Suggestions on which movie (TFA, TLJ, ROS) looks I should focus? Looking to do the costumes that are easiest to make (501st in mind). Any help for an amateur?
Thanks in advance!



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I can offer some thoughts on Kylo...

There’s a US-based maker that goes by Maxi Jazzmx on FB. IMHO, he makes the best Kylo robes - most accurate pattern, excellent coating. Assuming you get the fit right, it’s easy to get 501st approved with his stuff.



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I feel like this can either be a “buy once cry once” situation or start small budget and test the waters. Aiming for RL/501st approval is going to cost you on the front end and who knows if you’ll even like dressing up as these characters. IMO you should aim for mid tier “cosplay” stuff that you can plus with good accessories (Kylo helmet, sabers, staff) and go from there.

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