Need help with the painting of a sword


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OK everyone.I could really use some help with this.I'm going to redo my cylon sword to make it look better I hope.I'm going to strip all the paint off.and resurface the blade which is made of wood.going to bondo and sand that smooth as possible.and the hilt also that is plastic.were I'm going to need some help is in the painting part.I have tried chrome paint after chrome paint.and I can't get the results I would is it at all possible to get a polished blade look through paint.I would really like a mirrored polish blade look and I have know clue how to achieve It.Any and all help would be so much appreciated,

and Thank you for all help in advance...


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Short of chrome tape, allclad 2 or mirrachrome:

Sand the surface smooth and seal the surface, sand it smooth, gloss clear coat it and sand it again with a fine grit (wet sand if possible) then hit it with bright aluminum spray paint. Cheaply you cant get a real mirrored surface and keep in mind your blade is made of wood. It will expand and shrink weather pending. Try the chrome tape first on a test bunny and see how you like it.


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I had some good results w/ a helmet I just did.....(acdidently). Smooth service, black primer, wet sand, paint chrome, after it dries spray it with clear dulls the fake chrome look and gives u a wet metal look.
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