Need help with some helmets and armor


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I am posting this as I am trying to find out what some helmets and armor are worth, as I plan on posting them for sale in the near future.
I do not really trust Ebay, and thought that I would get a more legitimate answer here from other collectors.
I have these...
1. Anavos Stormtrooper armor set
Complete, still in the box, only opened to make sure that everything was there, and complete.
1. An Artist Proof Master Repicas Ep3 special ops "501st" trooper helmet
3. A Master Replicas Ep3 212th attack battalion trooper helmet 0252/1000.

All have their CoA's and original black boxes with padding. *I just looked, and the 212th helmet black box is torn.*
If you have a realistic estimate, please pm or email me.
Thank you for your time.


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It is an EFX..
And the Clone Captain is also.
I bought the Clone Captain a soon as it popped up to order. Think I got lucky by not procrastinating, as I am not sure how long they lasted before being sold out
The other 2 must be Master Replicas


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I forgot to add to the original post that I have a complete set of Anavos Stormtrooper armor in its box.
Again, I so appreciate any help with prices, as I want to be fair to both myself and a potential buyer.
I wanted to check to see if anyone has a realistic value for the helmets and armor.
Thank you again for your time.
I have sold the Vader helmet.
I am still trying to find realistic prices for the other 3 helmets, and the 2 sets of Anavos Stormtrooper armor.
Thank you for reading.

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