Need Help Identifying Material - Latex, Rubber, Silicone?


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Trying to make a rubber/latex.. (or silicone?) alien mask, and want it to use the same material used on these masks:

Have checked out Smooth-On

These are the closest I've found, but they're silicone - pretty sure this isn't want I'm looking for

Diving a bit deeper it would appear urethane rubber is what I need, maybe along the lines of this:

But looking up the "Batman Cowl" led me here - where they used liquid latex

I'd love to use a material that I can color/tint, it seems like most of these have that option, liquid latex comes in loads of colors too. Fortunately our masks will be quite dark, or decorated after molding.

Any help is greatly appreciated!


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The zipper at the back of the dog leads me to believe it is latex. Latex doesn't have enough stretch to get a human head through the neck hole. Easily tinted with acrylic paint.


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Good call, I can't tell if it's the same material in either, definitely looks like latex.

I'm just impressed by how smooth the dog one is compared to others I've seen, how do you think they managed that?
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