Need help breathing.


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I am not sure I am making some of the amazing things I see here. I am making a mainly historical costume.

The costume is a plague doctor for my local Ren Faire's.

Here is the issue, I cannot breath.

I need a mouth piece with an inhale and exhale valve and tube that I can run under the costume. I tried it with a cpap nose gear, but has to exhale via my nose (to vent the moisture) and in via my mouth to keep the air in the last fresh and dry.

So I need help, but I am not even really sure what I am googling. Any help would be much appreciated ImageUploadedByTapatalk1439435731.167714.jpg ImageUploadedByTapatalk1439435676.135427.jpgImageUploadedByTapatalk1439435690.963865.jpg


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snorkel, vents out behind you. Remember, breathing into a tube, the smaller bore will create resistance. People having an asthma attack do better breathing through a straw because the resistance is no longer in the lungs.

Also, wear the costume and get used to it at home. Wearing it and testing yourself in a high stress situation doesn't work well
Maybe a pic of the inside of the mask to see how much room you have to work with


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Cut the mouth piece off an old snorkel, insert a flexible pvc tube inside, run the tube inside the balaclava and out under the shawl thing. Alternatively, you can cannibalise the positive pressure mouthpiece + fan from a high end respirator (car paint etc).


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Thanks, I will give the snorkel idea a try.

I will take a pic of the inside tomorrow. It is a leather work of art, but the space is tight.

Want to create a snorkel with a T and some check valves, so I get fresh air from in the mast, and exhale out the vent.

Got me thinking. More to come.

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I just cut a couple holes in the beak of my mask and that seems to do the trick. Moisture doesn't really build up to badly.


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I just have to say how wonderful your costume is! I have read a lot about the history of perfumery, and they always show these beaked leather hoods which were filled with material soaked in clove, cinnamon (and perhaps thyme and lavender) essences, which protected the plague doctors from the disease by straining the contaminated air that they exposed themselves to in treating people. I see that you also have the wand, which they used so that they did not have to touch people with their own hands to help treat them. Very, very cool!!


Amazin costume plague doctors are so fascinating, great job on the costume!!!!