Need helmet help!!!


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Hi all

I´m in the process of building myself the armor from the SOTE action figure "Luke in imperial guard disguise".

While I already sculpted the shoulder armor, I´m still figuring out how to construct the helmet...

Let´s check the pics first:

As you can see, the helmet has some kind of collar (don´t know how to describe it)
attached to it.

My plan was to sculpt/built the helmets basical shape and add the "collar" later on.
Another option would be to sculpt the helmet with some kind dome, that attaches to the rest of the mask (...somehow :lol).

Does this make any sense so far? :$

What I need are some suggestions how to construct it...
- A one piece design
- A two piece design with the collar being added later -> HOW to attach?
- A two piece design with a dome and a mask section (just like Vader) -> to attach?

Any ideas are appreciated, Markus :)


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Well this is just my idea but the way i would go about it is find a good motorcycle helmet
that comes as close as you can get it, somthing like this
but i am sure you can find somthing cheaper, get darker tented visor
Strip it down and use somthing like magic sculpt and work over the helmet till it looked like the helmet you pictured... or make it look a little cooler ;)
and as far as the fin go's you could just make it part of the helmet...
or do a industrial strength velcro strip around the helmet, so you can take it on and off as a you please if i remember right the ANH vader dome was held on by 3 strips of velrco. Just my take on it.


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Hey that helmet looks very cool :)

I already thought about doing some kind of understructure, maybe a bycicle helmet for the top part of the dome...

What should I make the collar/fin of?

I plan to sculpt the basic helmet in clay, cast it in silicone and do a fg copy to work with :)


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OOOH. One of my favorite action figures as a kid.

My best guess would be to do a two-pieced bucket with a seperate "collar" so to speak. You can mold it so after it completes the upward arc, it goes straight down for a couple of inches, and then you use ABS glue (or whatever) to attatch it to the rest of the bucket.

That's my idea, though, and I've never molded anything at all, so it may not work. Worth a shot, though.


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Thanks for the tips so far :)

I tried to work out the overall dimensions yesterday...
It´s hard to realize a design concept AND have it made to your specs :unsure

I have a pretty large noggin and made a few paper templates first.
I intend to build a cardboard helmet before I start the sculpt itself...this way I can work out the dimensions.

Now I have to search for a helmet or hardhat to sculpt over...

Hey Eric:
Believe it or not, but as much as I enjoy building and collecting of blasters, sabers and general equipment...I need a break :lol