Need Costume Help!


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Hey Guys,

I stumbled across this great replica costume forum and need some help on a last minute project for Halloween. I'm planning on making a Batman Beyond costume and want to use a Lycra material for the entire body (Think black morphsuit or under armor compression clothing). I am having trouble figuring out what is the best way to place the red bat symbol on the chest being that it is a synthetic material and stretchy. Here are a couple of ideas I'm contemplating:

1. Cut out a vinyl sticker sheet and place it on the chest before I go out and hope it sticks for the entire night.
2. Find a material that can iron on to the Lycra and stretch with it and hope that the clothing doesn't melt during this process.
3. Sew on a cut out piece of Lycra or other material on to the clothing and hope that it doesn't look too bad.

If there is a better solution than Lycra that gives the same fitted look let me know. Any advice is appreciated.
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