Question Necroposting


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Plus if they open a new thread asking about something they will get told to use the search function or someone will just post a link to an old thread anyway.
agree 100%

Best thing for us newbies, is to start a new topic and post about what they saw, wanted to know etc, and just link back to the old thread they were looking at..
that is a great idea, but it also may lead to necroposting that old topic its linked to by someone that wants information about that original thread, and keep the one you posted fresh for any new information that pops up. its a double edged letter opener.

I try not to resurrect old threads but if someone left it hanging on ref or the progress of their work & I am interested, sorry i am going to ask them for any updates.
i think anyone legitimately interested in something would do, on top of message the original poster. i know if i stumbled onto something here for my rocketeer jetpack that i would find useful i would do my best to get in contact with that person. its all apart of doing research for your project. im here to learn new facets of this hobby and to see what everyone is doing that i might be interested in attempting myself. for people here to shove people with enthusiasm about this hobby away is wrong, because this is the be all end all prop places in my eyes (except for those who feel that they are the elite and enjoy pounding their chests).

On a personal level, attaboys or cheerleader postings drive me nuts (even though I have been guilty of them myself at times) whether the thread is new or old. I wish vB had a more developed like/dislike system, like facebook that would allow people to give a thumbsup or thumbsdown without adding essentially useless post.
i agree. it unnerves me to see a prop, and then "neat!" or "cool!" if it a, suck and needs alot of work, b, has a question about it, c, doesnt require any work other than repainting and putting together. an example would be there's crap tons of proton pack shells on gbfans that are getting "awesome!" and scratch build proton packs are getting nothing for responses. id like a like button. on a different level, there are some people who post their work looking for attaboys, rather than actual input. i dont particularly care for that either.

i get frustrated when i update my rocketeer jetpack topic with new pictures of work im doing, and im not getting any decent feed back. id like someone to have noticed that i didnt tape off something for cosmetic plating, like i did every where else, so i didnt have to notice a couple weeks after i updated it(i still havent gotten around to that fix because of the weather). i like a watchful eye on my stuff if im keeping track of my work, it helps me out, and it helps other people out who may or may not attempt the same project i am. you can swap me out for this example and put just about anyone in.

on a different note, i want to agree or chime in, that it bothers me to no end, to see a whole quote with very large photos quoted and then very little to no valuable information is placed UNDER the photos, so i have to scroll for 10 minutes through those photos to find what useless thing exists under. its like, inflating a baloon, only to see it had a hole in it.

however, i think the op is talking about necroposting prop threads, what should be an issue is a necroposted thread that isnt about a prop in the off topic forum.