Nautilus model


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You may have seen this model and wondered what the heck was Revell thinking. When I saw back in '97 I thought they just produced their own concept of the nautilus to make a buck. It was not until a couple of weeks ago I found out this is a model of based on the 1996 Hallmark Hall of Fame version. There is no mention of the movie on the box. The model seems off in proportion by about 2/5 to 1/3 its lenth. I painted over the clear panel that showed the interior since it was pretty poor. Only real problem is the freakin' halves don't match too well and make for a sloppy seam. Usually I don't assemble models but for $6 I thought what the heck, it made a nice afternoon project. I hit it with a flat clear coat and its still semigloss.


Thanks wackychimp!
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