My very first 1:1 Lifesize Headsculpt ... old Ben


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Hi everybody,

This is the only comment I will make about all this and then I would like everybody
here to just forget about it, ok, as I don't have the nerves, the time nor the energy
to really care about it.

Just for those who did not know what happened: I received two e-mails on one
afternoon. One claiming to be from LFL and the other from Sideshow Toys. Both
pretty much said the same thing: "Try selling these heads and we'll sue you".

I took the pictures of both Mark and Alec down so they will not cause me any further
trouble. Even though it is pretty clear now that both mails I got were fake, they show
clearly how far some people would go to scare away (or get rid off) competition.

Let me make this clear - the person who wrote these e-mails is probably NOT even
a member here on the RPF, so I don't want anybody to play investigator or making
up "JFK" Theories here - :lol ... I will settle this on my own.

So just don't bother, continue the peaceful talk and enjoy the great hobby here, and
don't let let yourself get dragged into such kind of crap.

Thanks for the heads up, but it was nothing but somebody trying to stop me from
making more of these sculpts - for whatever reason ... :( - sometimes I don't get it.

Keep your heads up,

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I beg to differ JRX......I would say it's as damn near perfect as anyone could make it. :eek .
Well done man....are you sure you didn't just behead Ben and spray him up grey????????................
(can't wait to see your second ever lifesize sculpt.)


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Thats great work, i think you nailed the likeness, looks like you've been doing it for years. nicely done sir.


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easily one of the best sculpts i've seen on here.

now get that thing cast and dont overcharge on shipping ;)


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It always amuses me when someone who is clearly talented artistically says something like "please be kind" like the rest of us are artistic gods.

You've produced a very professional sculpt JRX. Fantastic job as usual ;)


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Awesome. Totally awesome. Alright JRX. :D Great work. Now where's the interest thread. ;)


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Thanks a lot all of you for all the super sweet comments - :) :) :)
- I'm very glad you all like him - :)


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Originally posted by JRX@Mar 7 2006, 05:44 PM
It is my very first 1:1 Headsculpt at all, so please be nice, as I know it's not 100% perfect
:eek :eek :eek :eek :eek :eek :eek

May I ask you to post a shot of the back of the head? The hair (along with everything else) looks great, and I'm curious to see how you handled it in the back.

Oh, by the way, did I mention :eek :eek :eek ?