My Thunderbirds Puppet Replicas.

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Finished my latest Lady Penelope puppet this week, so I thought I'd share her here. Also a couple of others. The build pics are a bit jumbled because I work on a few puppets simultaneously, but they all come together at the end. :p:D

My Penelope head cast is 2nd generation. I cast them myself.

The back of the head is held on with magnets. I make a ball and socket neck joint for the authentic Thunderbirds wibbly wobbly head. This Lady Penelope will have working eyes and a fixed mouth.

The standard feet that are available for female TB puppets are a bit rubbish (see right) so I re-sculpted them into something a bit more feminine.

I wanted this Penelope to have a real fur coat, so I bought a vintage mink stole on eBay to chop up.

No minks were harmed *after 1964* in the making of this puppet. :D

At this point I started getting distracted with making Parker(s).

Fabric choices.

Making Parker's hat.

Goofing off.

We don't have time for this, Parker!

The Scott I'm working on reclaimed his seat.

Like I don't have enough distractions, I started making Brains.

Creepy looking, huh?

The glasses available for Brains are re-re-re-recasts from his TB6 movie glasses, and they're too wrong to use (IMO), so I made another pair from scratch. Not perfect but better. Here's my highly sophisticated moulding technique.

I'll make a proper pair later.

Back to Penelope.

Now back to Brains. :D


H-h-hey l-l-ladies.

Finally got Parker strung up. I use jewellers beading wire (nylon coated steel) for the main support strings. "Invisible" nylon thread for the rest.

Penelopes and Tin-Tins in progress.

I get the eyes and wigs custom made. Eyes by these guys: Acrylic Human Glass Eyes, Animatronic Eyes, Doll Eyes, Mannequin Eyes, Puppet Eyes

Penny's head finished.

Puppet bits everywhere.

Okay, Brains strung up. Making progress!

Tin Tin getting her hair sorted.

Clothes by Awesome Wife.

Hair and shoes by me. :$ :D

I love it when a plan comes together.

Hmmm. Knocked an eyelash loose while getting the wig on. It's one thing to get the wig on - it's entirely another to get the strings through the hairstyle without destroying it. And her hair-clip sits right over an eye string. Typical. :rolleyes;)

She has working eyes.

Fixed that darned eyelash.

Yes my Penelope still smokes. Smoking is cool.*

*Not really.

Puppet controllers.

Now to finish Scott and Tin-Tin...

Supa troop

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OH MY GOSH those are just stunning, id love to know how you go about making these and how I wish you lived in the UK, id have you at our UK prop Party in an instant

super COOL


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Incredible work. Seriously. I have studied your pictures at length and the likeness is absolutely remarkable.
Well done!