My small soldiers commando elite "replica"


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hello, these are my "replicas" of the dolls of small soldiers. is the first time I do this kind of work, for this reason I left the word replica in quotes because I know they are not looking the same as the movie dolls, but it's a start hahaha.
I used paper and biskuit to make them
I like to have a feedback on what you guys thought and what I can improve on technique and material.
hope you like it
thank you.
. Screenshot_2015-03-19-18-09-58.pngIMG_20150322_130032237.jpgIMG_20150322_130024863.jpgIMG_20150322_130009416.jpgIMG_20150322_130219.jpgIMG_20150322_124443.jpgIMG_20150322_005350.jpg
Happy to say they are great. I don't know anything about the materials but the results are great. You have a real eye for capturing the cartoon side of the characters. Fantastic.
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