small soldiers

  1. SeanG22

    WTB: Small Soldiers Replicas from Softgarage

    Looking to buy soft garage Small Soldiers replicas or any of the Stan Winston licensed replicas that were released by the studio.
  2. scarletsnake

    Commando Elite, Fall In! ( Small Soldiers )

    Hey there! I'm Jon, and I'm a freelance graphics designer/indie game developer. Like many of you, I grew up loving Small Soldiers, and wanted to have the actual figures used in the movie, or replicas that resembled them. The "Declare your allegiance" poster was one of the first things I saw...
  3. Gorgonzola222

    Small Soldiers - Kip Killigan Zbrush sculpt

    Nostalgia project I've been working on in my spare time. Kip Killigan from Small Soldiers. The plan is to 3D print him.
  4. SargeB96

    Burst Smoke Effect

    Anyone know the best way to make a smoke/steam like burst? I'm wanting to build a sort of sanitation room that characters get gassed/ sprayed at with smoke/ steam whatever. I thought a smoke machine might work, but I feel that it wouldn't clear away that quickly (unless I put a suction fan...
  5. D

    Want to Buy Small Soldiers Castings/molds/etc looking to buy or trade with some of mine

    Hi, Small Soldiers is my favorite film and always has been. I am looking for anyone with Cast, Molds, or anything that would be willing to sell or trade them with some that I have. My dream is to one day have full screen accurate collection of Commandos and Gorgonites to put on display. PLease...
  6. Jok3r0314

    Small Soldiers replicas

    Here are a few images of my Troglokhan before he was damaged by the commando elite. Everything is custom down to the box. This will be a long project but i will see it to completion, im working on the box for slamfist and ocula
  7. S

    Small Soldiers Scratch-It Sculpt.

    Here are some pictures of my latest sculpt/ Scratch-it from the Small Soldiers movie. Scratch-it was always one of my favorite characters, and I've been meaning to model a fully pose-able version of him for a while. All that's left to do is file down some spots, including the joints, and...
  8. L

    My small soldiers commando elite "replica"

    hello, these are my "replicas" of the dolls of small soldiers. is the first time I do this kind of work, for this reason I left the word replica in quotes because I know they are not looking the same as the movie dolls, but it's a start hahaha. I used paper and biskuit to make them I like to...
  9. Jok3r0314

    Small soldiers archer sculpt

    This is what I have so far, it's got a lot to go but in time he should start coming together for sure
  10. Jok3r0314

    Small soldiers Archer sculpt.

    I've decieded, along with my son, to sculpt the gorgonytes from the movie " small soldiers". Is not going to be 100% accurate but they will be as close to scale as I can acheive without having a replica available to work from. So pictures and help from some recent friends, will do me justice...
  11. H

    Archer Gorgonite Sculpture (WIP)

    This is my latest sculpture that I've been working on for my sculpting class at school. It is a 12" Archer from the movie "Small Soldiers" however rather than sculpt him as the action figure I replaced his joints with more realistic ones. I should have this finished within the next few weeks so...
  12. R

    can someone please help me with 3d modeling small soldiers!!?

    i really need help 3d modeling archer and major chip hazard from small soldiers
  13. S

    small soldiers chip hazard replica

    Hi everyone I'm thinking of starting a chip hazard Replica figure from small soldiers. I have four of the Hasbro talking figures and was thinking of cutting and sculpting it t o make it look like the screen used prop I've always loved the film and think chip is so cool looking what does...
  14. Howlrunner

    Small Soldiers - Chip Hazard and Archer

    Small Soldiers is one of my favourite films - sure it did badly at the box office, but Stan Winston's effects work is top notch! :thumbsup I'd LOVE to get my hands on some original props (or even the FOA Schwartz/Stan Winston produced figures - though with only 25 made even they are...