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My "SCREEN-USED" Nemesis Tricorder

Mr. Nagata

Sr Member
Here she is. Whaddaya think? Comments, critiques welcome:



Sr Member
Looks sharp. :eek

Are electronics installed? If so, can you show us some shots with the panels illuminated?

Also, if this tricorder has electronics and MM puts it in his mouth, isn't there danger of electric shock?


Master Member
And suck it I shall. Damn dude, that's beautiful. I'm stunned. Awesome work. Give more details. Built from scratch? cast from original? Stolen from HMS???

Roger Ramjet

Sr Member
Dang, searching for porn and seen this... :D Great Job on that baby, these trics have always appealed to me more than the others, again great job.

Mr. Nagata

Sr Member
Any criticisms? I'd say it's about 99.26% accurate. It's not painted 7173. And it doesn't have a PDA inside of it as I believe the originals had. But it DOES had a bunch of gold smudges on the grips from Brent Spiner's hand.


Sr Member
Very nice.

Anyone know where to get that exact rubber dot material? I've been looking for some of that for a project. Anything I find that's even remotely similar is much too thick (about 3mm, the real thing is closer to 1-1.5mm), and made of foam, not rubber.

~ GM

sector 7G

Well-Known Member
only one had the PDA screen (the one that just closed on ebay yesterday) the remaining 2 tricorders had Lenticular screens in them.

General: I had to make my own rubber plant ons out of rubber for the argo remote.

Mr. Nagata

Sr Member
Okay, guys. No more teasing. This is the SCREEN-USED Nemesis tricorder. The one that was on ebay a few days ago. The one with the video screen (it's not a PDA. It's a small video screen with a computer interface). The grips are cast in place. The electronics in the hood operate undependently of the screen and they're triggered by a reed switch when it's opened up.

The screen works, but none of the graphic files are loaded in. I believe it needs to be interfaced with a computer.

And yes, Data DID hold this one. It has his gold makeup all over the grips.


Sr Member
One of my least favorite tricorders but cool nonetheless. Nice to see that someone from here got it. That seller has had some great stuff up for auction recently. :thumbsup :thumbsup

Darth Kahnt

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<div class='quotetop'>QUOTE(blufive @ Feb 3 2007, 10:47 AM) [snapback]1410886[/snapback]</div>
I'll read any thread that has the title "Matt Munson can suck it.".


That's what drew me to this thread. I'm not a Trek fan in any way, shape or form. :lol


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Gone but not forgotten.
<div class='quotetop'>QUOTE(GeneralMayhem @ Feb 3 2007, 04:12 PM) [snapback]1411107[/snapback]</div>
<div class='quotetop'>QUOTE(playskool2000 @ Feb 3 2007, 03:58 PM) [snapback]1411100[/snapback]
The grips are cast in place.

Crap. Guess I'll keep looking.

I can't remember where I heard this, but someone told me a few years ago they'd made their own "dot" material by using a hole punch and thin plastic cardstock. They punched out a few hundred dots then glued them to a sheet of plastic and then molded the whole thing and cast it in thin urethane rubber sheets.

Hope this helps.



Well-Known Member
Nice score. Any idea what sort of graphics files it uses or how to upload them? Not that I'd necessarily mess with a screen-used item, but it'd be incredible seeing a tricorder with animated LCARs rather than the usual static-graphic/LED setup.


New Member
Wow. This is the kind of thing that makes me want to turn off the computer and throw it like a grenade for fear of being sucked in.

I'm *very* impressed.

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