My scratch built stunt Sabers


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I just thought I would post a link to my site, I will be updating the site with more pics tonight and possibly a tutorial of how I put them together down the track.

I made these sabers over the weekend.

The one that isn't complete is base on kyle Katarns saber, I will post more progress pic's as it comes along. It just needs the activation bar and box and a little painting up.

These where all made using a hack saw, drill, Files, Sandpaper and a lot of elbow grease.

Well I hope you like, here goes.


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Thanks Primrodo :D

I hadnt actually given it much thought I have quite a few friends putting the hands up atm, but who know's some where down the track I might make a few up and see how they go on the junkyard.

I have just been doing it for the Fun of making them at the moment. :D

Darth Lars

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Originally posted by darkdisciple@Oct 24 2005, 03:13 AM
These where all made using a hack saw, drill, Files, Sandpaper and a lot of elbow grease.
That is how Real Men™ build lightsabers. :D
How did you make the cuts straight?

I like the designs. Very elegant and fitting with the canon sabers. Good job. :thumbsup


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:lol Thanks Darth lars

I went out and spend $20 on a die cast mitre saw, It has a 45 degree swivel table and the handsaw is attached to guides. Its used for skirting boards and such, It will also cut through aluminium. :D

The next sabers I want to make are the Quinlan Vos saber that was floating around in here not long ago, and a Graflex or too. Maybe Vaders ROTJ and Lukes ANH.


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looks cool.

those are all aluminum??
even if not, nice design.
I ought to post my quinlan vos sabers ,I built a padawan size and a full size version, 1 for me and 1 for my son mostly off the tutorial I found here but custom buttons and such.'s sweet. :D


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Cheers Defleshjedi. :D

They are all Aluminium, No pvc.
The Quinlan Vos saber is one of my favourites, I really like that saber. It will probably be one of the next sabers on my list, If you have any pics I would love to see em.

Give me a bit of time to up date my site and I will have tutorials on both sabers, as well as a few pic's of my workshop set up. None of them were all that hard to put together.