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Discussion in 'Star Wars Costumes and Props' started by MystArt, Sep 8, 2015.

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    I have a Master Replicas Force FX Luke light saber that has been in storage in its original box and wrapping for over five years. For some reason I thought I better check that I did actually take out all six AA batteries so it doesn't get acid building up.

    The bad news is I forgot to take out the batteries. The good news is they seem fine. Dead but no acid so I have removed them.

    BUT the black rubber hand grips are sticky for some reason. There appears to be nothing sticky inside the hilt so I suspect the rubber has just ... i dunno .... gotten moldy? Not sure what the right description is.

    Anyway, this part where the guys thumb and finger is, that black rubber feels a little gooey. The metal between is fine.


    I can't take them off to wash cuz they're bolted in. Should I use some Goo Gone or what would be your recommendations?

    As a side note, I have two previous Master Replicas sabers, both Anakin Skywalkers that use the old Indi-Glow technology. One had batteries in it still but no stickiness. The other had no batteries but its handle is also sticky.

    Any ideas what's going on here or how I should clean these?
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    Rubber, being a natural material, will disintegrate and fall apart over time. Yours is a result of time. I have an MR ESB Vader and it's been donkey's years since I got it and its grips are beginning to get tacky. They're not completely gooey mush but there is some pull when your fingers make contact.

    Advice: strip them off and replace them with replica t-tracks. They'll last longer.;)
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    Stop sticking it in there.
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    Yep. This thread worked great. It's just the rubber coating that breaks down.

    My Vader grips were ubber sticky. Three or four Alcohol pads from my first aid kit which just happened to be three feet away when I red this and they were clean as can be.

    Then just a little buffing/rubbing with a soft cloth to shine the chrome up afterword, clean up the alcohol clouding, etc.

    Looks great.


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