My PVC, Sintra and Cushman DC-15


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Hey guys, I made a DC-15 out of 1.5" diameter PVC pipe, some couplings, some Sintra (some very thick.), Sculpy Plasticine Clay, wood dowels, and a Cushman MG-34 receiver Paintball Marker cover.

Some paint, glue and a little bit of time. Please view pics...

An in-progress shot...

Lots of fun.




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I can make a tutorial. First off, get some 1.5" inch PVC, a 1.5" coupling, two 3' foot pieces of 3/8"x3/8" inch wooden dowel, and make 2 segments of is 13" inches and another 15" inches. Couple together. The short length is the front barrel. Cut the dowel to 12" inch strips (6 total) and glue with CA gel 3 per side.

More to come later.



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Looks great WC. I need to make one of these bad boys.
If you got anymore in progress shots by all means post'em;-)