My prop/museum room

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I added more framed pictures to display around my SS props and moved somethings around.

New pics up of the following.....

ANH display 99% finished... 1 prop left to go, can you guess what?. :D :) ;)

ESB display almost finished.... Need to finish up ESB MSH2 Boba helmet and possibly get the Finescale models Falcon kit.

Godzilla display 99% finished... Need to get some good pics of 1954 Godzilla in action to display with it.

BSG display 97% finished.... Need to get some good pics to display with SS props and possibly a 12" Apollo figure. "I May" display the new BSG SS Viper and Raider kits as well, still deciding with these.
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Well, I have decided to totally redo and rethink my prop/museum room. I have totally removed all of my classic toys, Gi-joes, ETC and focused only on it being a movie museum room.

I have moved things around into new areas of the room, so this is still a work in progress.

This room consists of almost all of my top 10 movies that I have liked since a child.
I have room to display the following..

Battlestar Galactica
Godzilla 1954 (all godzilla really)
King Kong 1933 (all King Kong really)

Batman the movie (1968) If I can find a movie poster.

Star Trek TOS will be in here as well.

I have decided to do a movie poster of each and then a Studio Scale prop (if available), regular model if not, may be a prop or two.

I will also be adding a pic of any Studio Scale prop in it's movie environment like I did with the AT-AT.

LMK what you think.


Lynn TXP 0369

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Originally posted by Kris@Jan 13 2006, 09:20 PM
Looking good there.

What KK props you have ?  :)

Nothing yet.. But I have the spot researved for him.
I have the free 1933 poster coming from the DVD set and I have the KK armature on preorder.
I also plan on making a KK puppet to display over the armature along with KK production still photos.


Lynn TXP 0369

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Originally posted by hydin@Jan 13 2006, 09:23 PM

not sure if you wanted a repro or not for the batman poster, but they have some pretty interesting ones on there.

rooms looking terrific. i gotta redo mine, lose some stuff and just sorta... expand it from one corner to an overall "room" feel.

Oof....Thats what I'm looking for..

Thanks.... :D

It dosn't matter if it is a repro.

Most of my posters are repros anyway except the JP, BSG (in the mail), and the Godzilla is an offical reprint from the makers of the origonal and it is NOT a reproduction.

Thanks for the comps as well. :D


Lynn TXP 0369

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Originally posted by Lord Abaddon@Jan 13 2006, 09:26 PM
Very nice Lynn.  I love your models.
Thanks bud..

Your TIE interceptor looks good up in the air..;)



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simple, yet effective :thumbsup great job Lynn I like how the shelves are the same color as the walls, very different than just plain white

Lynn TXP 0369

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Thanks for the comps guys..

Yeah, I decided to paint the shelves the same color as the walls so that the attention is on the prop or model and that the self dosn't stick out and distract from it.

Besides, it goes with the unintentional "blue screen" effect the walls have. :lol
I'm trying to have it look like a museum or an exhibit.

I still have more to do in the ESB section with my ESB Boba helmet and SS Taun-Taun.

I'm waiting for my BSG poster to arrive any day now and I'm having a custom self built for my SS Raider kit to sit on. I'll get pics of that when it is done.

The biggest thing is pictures, I've got a friend looking to get me some good stills of pics so I can have them printed out and display with the props.



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Coming along very nicely, Lynn. I like your juxtaposition of the screen shot from ESB with the MR AT-AT. :)

Have you seen the 1/6-scale Medicom RAH Godzilla figure? This might be a nice addition to your display. Strictly-speaking, it's not a reproduction of Godzilla, but a 1/6-scale repro of the costume that actor Haruo Nakajima wore when portraying the big lizard in the original film -- complete with a 1/6-scale guy inside the suit.

You can find out more about it here:

Captain Toy: 1/6 RAH Godzilla Review


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What if you painted it beige or some soft colour ? That always helps, look at PHArchivist (right?)


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That's looking really nice Lynn.

I may be biased, but I love the look of the props etc when they're displayed with the respective movie poster and some stills.



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I think it looks great.

I love the idea of displaying the movie poster next to the props, I was impressed by cking's recent display thread where he used that same idea.

The wallcolour looks good, too. :thumbsup