My Predator Costume


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Hi All. Name's Simon. New here. I'm one of the few pred heads kickin around my parts (kitchener, Ontario, Canada)

Here's my pred costume.

Have a look. I used a Mr. Incredible costume as a base and coated it with liquid latex, then a friend of mine airbrushed it. Added Custom Xenomorph Armour, and I figure I'm the only one on the lair sporting it. Will keep you guys posted. Tomorrow is the first outing of 3 this weekend.

Here's a side by side to get perspective on what a change it really is.

I couldn't have done it without the help of my good friend Robert Fordham (Brokentusk23)

You are the MAN!!!


Armour, netting, and some other details added. still cannibalizing the rubies armour I got back in the day. I think this is my best suit to date.

sorry about the crummy positionging of the suit on that I beam. Its the only place I could hang it.



Halloween pics






a mini photoshoot (not wearing my full armor)

(High res here)





Hope you guys like it.

I'm working on perfecting this before Halloween, and hopefully hitting a Con at least once, then on to a robocop suit.

There are some truly amazing costume makers on here. I'm in the presence of Giants it seems. I hope to learn a lot and be a positive contributor to the community.

I can't really contribute anything but it looks awesome! I wonder what it'll look like after you perfect it O_O
Hi Guys. Thanks for the kind words. No I didn't paint it myself, my friend Robert Fordham did. He's a wicked airbrush artist.
Thanks everyone! :) I agree, Subaru, where is my endorsement deal already??? Might be hard to spell out the financing details in clicks and growls. LOL!!!
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nice work congratulations on the suit it looks great . were buildning one over here but im having diffculty sourcing feet. did you make yours from scratch? also the face mask is one of the best ive seen . is this a made one or was it bought ? looking forward to the day mine is complete)

we decided to go with an iron man suit as a base ( thanks for the idea cool one too)

the muscalature seems alittle better in the quadriceps on the thighs.
may I ask how many layers of latex you put on the suit in total? Iassume using a cap america costume would work just as well....
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This is great! I have seen alot of Predator costumes and this is by far one of best i've seen. You and your airbrush buddy work well together. The suit fits you perfectly. No sagging. You have the hieght and the head and body go together perfectly.
The only issue i see is the neck ring needs to attach to the collar/top of the body so it doesn't flip up. Other than that which really is no big deal i say to you KUDOS!!!
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