My p1 build with p2 colors


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So i've been a lurker for a while, really only voiceing myself when i was jipped on some stuff from a few member in the BST forum. Oh well i just want to show you guys what i got so far. I really like the P1 style, but am digging the P2 colors. So i thought why not roll with it and see how it comes out.

The first item i got was from termokk(great guy to deal with) it was a painted P1 head with his dreads and beads.

Got the dreads in.

Dread rings painted and put on

DB skins painted by termokk which are awesome looking!!

I got some armor pieces and feet from mannowar. got some painting and cleaning to still to do on these.


I'm still waiting on the chest armor from dakath and hands and feet painted from monstermaker. hopefully these items will come soon.
Pic of the whole suit before the skins got a repaint.


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It's looking really good. I really like the P2 colors. I don't know if I'd ever be able to paint a mask or a suit like that, unless I set about a month aside for each.

I have the same shins and feet from Mannowar. Are you planning to use shoes with a lift inside the feet? There's plenty of room in there for platform shoes if you're going to go that route.

Mr Fett

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Platforming is always a great idea for any Pred costumer. Yeah, those feet are large enough to add some nice height hidden inside.


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I was thinking about adding platforms but im 6'2 now and depending on how big i go on lifts i don't want it to be anymore ackward then it already is walking around. Thanks for the kind words guys. im getting a lot of help this time around since its my first pred suit. I'll be doing a samurai suit next all painted and put together by me.


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Update*** the skins came in and they look are off my droid so they arn't that good. I CAN SEE THE LIGHT AT THE END OF THE TUNNEL.



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I'm having trouble with the arms, they don't seem to sit well on my shoulders and line up with the costume. andyone got some advice?


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What I did is what Tuath recommends.

To be specific, I have the same torso, different arms. I basically made a tab off of the arms that goes under the torso shoulders that has the velcro. The velcro and the weight of the torso hold them on well. I didn't match mine up as good as yours but it seems like it will work good for me.

I can show pics of it later if you want, I don't have any right now.


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Looking closer, I trimmed my torso's shoulders back a little more then yours is. So, looks like your setup was intended to have the arms go over it instead. You may want to experiment.


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Wow looks great! i cant wait to see it completed! You can try to hold the arms on beter with some velcro swen into the torso, i know there is already velcro in the arms. Shot in the dark- maybe you can run some type of line from one arm to the other through the torso so they hold each other up?


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Okay i got some paint done on the feet yesterday night. my airbrush lets just say was being a bitch and thats being nice. i Got one more foot to paint and a pair of hands that will be here tomorow at 3 compliments of ruffkintoy.




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dude another option.. and its something i did when i first got my torso with the arms seperate... sew the arms on to an old Tshirt or similar.. then when you put on first .. you put the torso on over it.. the shoulders stay flush to the body then.. just reinforce the tshirt with extra material where you sew the arms on..
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