My new scout biceps

Discussion in 'Replica Costumes' started by Nataku, Mar 1, 2006.

  1. Nataku

    Nataku Sr Member

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    There's been a lot of scout talk recently so I thought I'd share this with you guys.

    I was looking for some bicep armor with the correct T bit a little while back. After a couple weeks, a guy from the UK contacted me and said that he was working on some new moulds and could hook me up for about thirty some bucks.
    I figured sure, new moulds of the usual ABS. Boy, was I wrong.
    I got some heavy, thick, fibreglass biceps with correct T bits. They have to be almost twice as thick as my armor.




    He just sent me some pics of his new back piece with the pinstripping embedded into the armor. His skills are sick.
  2. Studio Stasis

    Studio Stasis Sr Member RPF PREMIUM MEMBER

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    Krikey. Thats sweet.

    *looks in wallet*
  3. Mega Gigan

    Mega Gigan Well-Known Member

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    That is some thick armor. Can those protect a person from high speed tree impacts?
  4. Bountyhunter Niko

    Bountyhunter Niko Well-Known Member

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    I’m no biker expert ; but they don’t look like “ correct T bits.” to me. :confused

  5. jeezycreezy

    jeezycreezy Well-Known Member

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    The top detail appears to be the correct wing detail from Darth Vader's tie fighter.

    I've never seen a clear enough picture to prove or disprove the bottom detail.

  6. Dreadmel

    Dreadmel New Member

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    I like 'em. Good find TJ.
  7. Nataku

    Nataku Sr Member

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    He took some liberties with the bottom part since there arent' any decent reference photos of it. IMO, it's one of the best out there.
  8. Durasteel Corporation

    Durasteel Corporation Well-Known Member

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    Very nice.

    Fiberglass rules. That armor will outlast the 'awpokeelips.' ;)

    I figure once youve got that top Vader Tie fighter pretty much establishes the shape and form....any exatrapolation is easy from there.
  9. Boba Frett

    Boba Frett Sr Member

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    They look great , Do you have any pics of the rest of the armor from this guy?
  10. TK-4140

    TK-4140 Well-Known Member

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    @ Nataku,

    did you get my PM?

    Greetings Guido
  11. MonCal

    MonCal Well-Known Member

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    They're the closest match to date. The vader tie piece is a definite and there is room for creative liberty on the bottom piece due to limited reference :)

    The biceps are nice too btw ;)

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