My New Back to the Future prop


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It's not done but here is a comparison shot of mine next to the real prop. What do you guys think....


Jack Bauer

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I agree your's looks better. :thumbsup

I love seeing screen used crappy props. You can't tell that they are poor quality like that on the big screen. LOL

You did a great job. Now you just need the cool nightstick and scrolling text hat.


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Thanks you guys for the compliments. The hardest thing about this prop was tryig to piece together what I thought the prop masters used to make this thing. I still need to find the twisted brass ring to go aroung the center piece, but I am happy with the way it turned out. The total cost was $30 for all the materials and I have plenty left to make the other one.



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ha ha ha :lol I like how this thread is so mysterious to what was shown .
"better than the original" and such.:lol:thumbsup

By looking at the picture's name ,I can see that it was the Police badge from BTTF2.

Arlington Beech

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I guess the bonus with old threads being brought back up (have seen a few these past few days) is that new users (including myself...don't have that many posts yet lol) are using the search function



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I've got an idea...

I will remove the "new member trying to increase post count" post, and then leave all of the other "comment" posts. That way, in a few years a new member can bump this thread asking what happened, and why the last few posts don't make any sense. :lol has been removed, now let's see how it reads. :wacko

EDIT: Success!

EDIT AGAIN: Ah man, apollo's first post quoted the new post...

EDIT EDIT AGAIN: Took care of that.

EDIT EDIT EDIT AGAIN: Man, now apollo's post doesn't make any sense. :(

EDIT EDIT EDIT EDIT AGAIN: That should do it... apollo's post makes sense again.
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