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    Hi there, everyone!

    Just wanted to share with you my wip Ironman Mark 43 suit.

    So far I've got the hemet and fingers (that are just in the pepakura model stage).

    I'm using the Helagask's pepakura files, except for the helmet, which is an edit by Gimpee from, I think, the Helagask helmet itself.

    Here are some pics, and please, PLEASE, don't be hard on me, it's my first attempt in proping and, yeah, is bad as hell! xD

    This is the paper model:


    Here, coated with epoxy and, after that, fiber glass cloth and another layer of epoxy:

    IMG_20150609_221902.jpg IMG_20150614_204139.jpg

    As soon as the epoxy dried, I applied body filler and... yeah, I used WAY TOO MUCH OF IT. First time working with filler, and I guess I got excited xD.

    IMG_20150809_182006.jpg IMG_20150809_182016.jpg

    After what felt like an eternity of sanding, I got this:

    IMG_20150904_192825.jpg IMG_20150904_192819.jpg

    And now I'm applying some different filler, to fix some details and imperfections:


    So far I've got most of the head ready for cutting the face plate, last epoxy coating and painting, only need to fix and sand the face plate itself and use filler on the sides of the jaw.

    And now I have a question for you, people. I need your advice about body fillers: types, brands, where to buy, etc. The brand I'm currently using is a pain in the * to apply, specially for a rookie like me, so I'd like to know the best options in fillers for you, folks. Please, keep in mind that I live in Spain, so I'm restricted to whatever are sold worldwide or can be purchased online.

    Of course, any other advice you can give me for this project will be highly appreciated!

    Thanks to all in advance!

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    Fiberglass cloth arent suppose to be inside the helmet, maybe fir the rest u should be better to go that way than it woukd be easier to apply the bondo... only my two cents tho...
    Btw i like how ur paper job turns out!
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    Thanks for the advice! Yeah, I though about myself, better put fiberglass inside, on the outside of the prop makes a pain in the * to apply filler.

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