My Machined Endo Arm WIP


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Hi, I'm new to this sight but have been at Propsummit
for quite a while. I've been a cnc machinist for about 13
years now but the following arm was made in my garage
on my own machines and there is still a lot of work to
be done. It's made to the length of my own arm (about
20 inches) although I'm not quite as big as Arnie. I'll
attach pics but I'm not sure how to get them to show
on the actual thread. Thanks for looking.


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Hi Don,

great work!

The pics will show up when you use that little "mountain and sun" icon to paste the url for the images into the post.

Our you can use

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Id be interested in seeing some close up pics if you have any. I like the way the finger struts curve out as they meet the wristplate.
The finger struts were probably the hardest thing I've
made for this. They are turned on the lathe and then
a 6-32 tapped hole is put in the big end. After that I put
them in the mill and milled them at an angle . The wrist plate has
4 holes drilled into it and the fingers just screw to the
plate. I don't have access to a camera right now but I'll
try to post some pics later.

Interesting. I went the opposite way and milled a flat into the wristplate at the angle I wanted for each strut, drilled all the way through at the same angle, milled a 1/4 recess on the underside then bolted them on using m3 screws. i wanna look into getting them welded in place, removing the bolts and either filling the recess with weld or a plug and milling them flat with the wristplate.

Look forward to the pics.
Thanks. I haven't had a lot of time to work on it lately.
I had a guy order a bunch of parts for his bladerunner
blasters so I'm working on them. I'll get back to work on
it after though.

I have the Paper files for this(full size) and that's about as close as i'm gonna get to a good one,of course if you decide to make another,andwanna give this one away i call
Excellent work so far!! :thumbsup This is the thing I'd like to get myself too, not a resin/polystone replica no matter if licensed. The endo arm MUST be made of metal IMO (even if not movie accurate - though I'm not sure what was the original made of). Love your arm, maybe considering making a few more for sale in the future? :cool
Yes I would consider making them. I would do a lot
of things differently though. The joints on my arm
are to far apart I would change that. I also would
probably cast a wrist joint as soon as I had what I
wanted, the shape of mine is a little off. There are
some other little things I would change as well.One
thing to consider is that I started making this to see
if I could but it all seems to be working out alright.
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