My Jupiter 2 ( Gemini 12 ) LOST IN SPACE “ Crash Recreation “ Color/ 4K.


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Here now is my version of the classic crash sequence from the original TV series, LOST IN SPACE. This is an extended cut with additional details and clips. Three separate models were utilized in the finished video. a 9.6" Diameter Gemini 12. A Moebius 1:35 Jupiter 2. A totally scratch built Gemini 12 Flight deck in approximately 1:18 scale, based on the actual studio set blueprints. The model was "flown" via two wires that ran through brass tubing running either length of the ship...The Lydecker rig. It was filmed out in natural sunlight and composited into actual crash locations used in the series. Thanks go to fellow enthusiasts who added some much needed assistance! Jeff Summers. Erich Linder Bill Hedges A little tribute to Irwin Allen and his master effects team! Thank you and enjoy!

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