My Jayne costume from the movie Serenity


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I went to iCON as Jayne from the TV series last month but at the Big Apple Comic con I wanted to change it up a bit so I took a shot at the Serenity movie... loosing 12 pounds helped too!

I ran into Kaylee, Darth Vader, a few storm troopers, some super hero gals, and Pikachu too!








aP1070669.jpg Con 2011/aP1070679.jpg


... and Harry Dresden was there too!

Great pics!!! Looks like a really good time. One of the classic moments of firefly is when Jane gets that hat at the post office.

Thanks it was a blast... I can't wait for the big NYC Comic Con in October, that will be massively packed. This event was much smaller but really fun, there were so many very fit women there in costume. It used to be only 300 pound guys would be waddling around in Flash ensemble but, people are getting more fit these days!
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