My Jango Fett costume updated 11/11/12 rangefinder scratch build


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hi guys just wanted to share my progress on my Jango Fett costume let me know what you think ( i know gauntlets are boba's and not jango's but not going for 100% and they do the job)



helmet is a rubies but im going to swap visor and repaint and weather and maybe add electronics




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Re: My Jango Fett costume

armour is made from some old plastic signs i got from work cut to size heated and molded by hand into shape
Re: My Jango Fett costume updated 19/11/2011

found it cheap on ebay ive hot glue a head cage in it from a safty helmet so it fits nice and doesnt move about if you look close its only got a small visor and most is just painted black so i plan on cutting it all out and replacing it with a tinted brow guard face sheild it also need weathering and the 2 stripes adding
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Re: My Jango Fett costume

hi guys since im still waiting for funds for paint for my ironman suit ive dropped back onto my jango costume ive got the ammo belt and holster made also made the vest and flight suit but i still need to dye the flight suit the right colour just poped on i few bits to see what they looked like

see what you think



Re: My Jango Fett costume update 24/10/12 jetpack build started

Hi guys now ive finished my ironman suit i can now try and get this one finished so i started the jetpack build i would like to give a massive shout out and thankyou to JFcustom he's made my job alot easier, I had a pep file for the arena jetpack and wondered if i could make it in foam so it would be lighter to wear JFcustom converted the file for me and its made it so simple this guy is amazing thankyou another shout out to Skip as well as it was one of his amazing files to start with here is the file JFcustom altered for me and my work so far.....


Jango Arena Jetpack FOAM.pdo - - online file sharing and storage - download



Re: My Jango Fett costume updated 25/10/12 jetpack build complete

Hi guys another quick update just finished the build really happy with how its turned out now all i need to do is get some paint on it see what you think


Hi guys ok so i put my jango suit on my duck tape dummy today and standing back looking at it i think my don post helmet is just not going to cut it because of my big body frame it just looks to small so im going to build my own i think im going to pep it out and resin it so today i started work on the rangefinder i used the same plastic material i used for the armor it glued well with super glue and sanded really well see what you think





I've also made a board for the inside to make a circuit on its going to be self contained with green and red flashing leds on the front and a clear on in the window that will work on a tilt switch so when the rangefinder is down the the lights come on and when it goes up they go off and all run off a small battery self contained inside the rangefinder


Nice range finder, but the edges look too rounded to me... they should have more defined/sharper edges, like this one from my scratch-built Jango.




hi guys just a quick update ive fitted the electronics in the rangefinder today it was a bit fiddly and im not to good at soldering and its not the neatest work but it works and you cant see the inside here a little video of it working
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