My Handlink Replica


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I have wanted a "Gummi bear" handlink ever since I saw it and, (When I was about 5 or 6) have had about 8 attempts, literally. I am now 14 and my latest, and probably final, version is made from coloured CD cases, acetate and lego, for the exterior, and flashing badges and a recordable card for the workings. It makes real noises and flashes. see the pictures attached of the front, side and back to view it.




P.S If anyone can help with a better light circuit I would be most gratefull! Reference pics from me are available! Thanks! :D
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That's some fantastic work - especially for your age. I was still working with cardboard and scotch tape at 14.

SENSATIONAL work Jeddie. There's NOTHING like the satisfaction of doing something like that from scratch.
Keep up the GREAT work :thumbsup :thumbsup :thumbsup :thumbsup :thumbsup
Again, thank you for your comments! :D Yes I do have it lit up!

Here it is (They flash madly) and they are badges. That is why I need some help with the light circuit - they are stars and you have to take the circuit board out and turn each one to light it up! Not accurate lighting either. :(

And here is the board. It the one that is a real board is a recordable card circuit with real noises on it!

Thanks again!
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Awesome work, bud.

Man, if your imagination can bring a project like this to fruition, at age 14, you will undoubtedly accomplish great things in this hobby.

The Ziggy (gummi) Handlink is one of my "holy grails".
okay, I've never seen quantum leap - sorry, do you have any reference pics or a description so I know what this is supposed to be? looks cool though.
Thanks :D:D I Love the handlink too Nexus6.

Heres a picture of the real prop, Drago Lordist.
:eek Awesome Work :eek

Like someone has already posted, if you are doing this at 14, I can't wait to see what you will be accomplishing at 24. :thumbsup
dude, your like the new doogie houser of the RPF.

thats great work man. :thumbsup :thumbsup

keep it up.

what other prop interests do you have?
Thanks oldken. :D :thumbsup

Well, I really love the zoetrope suit from a little known thing called josh kirby... time warrior, Im also interested in the captain Jack wrist computer and sonic screwdriver from doctor who 2005, I love anything with those shiny resin translucent buttons, ut not sure how to get started of any of that sort of stuff..

I'd also like to know more about LED wiring, predominantly for the handlink, but also for other projects.
I like anything like futuristic and high-tech really. :) any suggestion that fit that are welcome. I like to see new props.

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