My Grail Diary (story)


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Started work on it a few weeks ago. Used the text done by Marc Kitter, got the images from various places on the net. For the images that weren't very clear or small, I redraw them, when I had a clean large image, I used it. Now that I have my first one done and have a feel for it, I plan to recreate my own text to go with the game diary, redraw the images that I previously didn't redraw, and fix a few things on some of my drawings. I used a thick paper, too thick in fact, but I do like the feel and look of the pages. I still need to age the cover a bit, but I've got the diary clamped back up drying some more and will work on that next week. I also need to do all the inserts, as I haven't gotten around to that yet. Overall, I'm very happy with it. Also, almost everything used to make it, I had laying around and didn't have any other use for, so in total, I had to spend literally about $3 on materials I didn't have (cover, which came from the scrap bin and a piece of elastic). It's not perfect by any means, but I learned a lot that I can apply to my next one.



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Good job, sure that if you decide to make another one you will learn your own techniques of aging and you will end up redrawing each image. I know people that once started the project have spent years making improvements and research. A prop made ​​for yourself is much more than collecting. congratulations


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This is a beautiful piece. I really like seeing the props people build themselves for there own collection. It gives it more of a characteristic, and has that much more meaning to the owner. Excellent work.