My first weathering on an ICONS OB1


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Hello everyone. I had an ICONS obi wan and decided to do a weathering job to it. I'm not finished but I thought I would share it so far.
I used mainly Aluminum black and very little paint for the rust and House of Color candy for the brass. I have filed and hammer punched most of the wear on the metal.


James Kenobi 1138

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I've said in many times, a great weathering can make any Obi saber look good no matter what parts are used.

Great looking saber there my friend, almost hard to tell that's an ICONS.

Tan Djarka

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I looked at the pics before I read the text and thought, "I don't remember there being any brass on the Icons piece." Very convincing for paint. An excellent effort overall.


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Nice job! And very cool!
I've never seen someone weather or redo an Icons Kenobi saber before.
Looks fantastic!


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I''m going to try to put the hog rings in the handle and some more detail work .
I really appreciate the comments. I will add more detailed pics later. Its a bit harder to get the effect with aluminum than steel, someday I am going to try to do a real parts saber. I like the MR LE saber very much but I have seen so many great sabers done here (and more realistic) it inspired me to try my own weathering. I still wished I would have kept the MR obi though.
This is a great site with some very talented people.


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I've been planning on weathering my Icons OB1... just haven't worked up the nerve to do it yet!

Great job!

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