[My First Cosplay] Sergeant Calhoun from Wreck-It Ralph!


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Hello, RPF members! This year I decided to do my first ever cosplay and chose Wreck-It Ralph. Quite the intimidating choice and intimidated I was! I've never done anything like this before! But through extensive lurking through this forum and arming myself with knowledge, and making an assload of mistakes, I felt more and more secure as I progressed. =D I actually documented the process in my public Facebook album! https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10200421412245167.185989.1451952513&type=1&l=55d7ce4409

Finally Anime Expo came and I debuted my costume. I was a tad afraid- how would people react to it? I got some opposition from a racial standpoint before so I was a little apprehensive. I wore it out and received nothing but positive compliments and getting pictures taken of me everywhere. It was both flattering and overwhelming, especially when I'd suddenly get a lot of people.

My good friend volunteered to be my Fix-It Felix and oh my god, was he PERFECT!





The other Calhouns were so cool!





This here, is undoubtedly my favorite photo. <3

I had so much fun at AX and I'm really proud of my costume.
The costume is made from EVA foam, coated with a pva solution and plastidipped, then painted with metallic acrylic paints. I got the catsuit made at Zentai Zone, the wig from cyperous, the gun is actually a nerf longshot CS-6 that I painted, and the shoes are Demonia stomps and since Calhoun is 7ft. tall, I wanted to be taller. I was 6'2-6'3 in those babies. :cool

I'm not completely done on it however, since there are parts to improve- like the shoulders, UGH. What a rush job. I had so much trouble getting the foam to come out right, I ended up doing a lazy rush job and made them round instead of accurate. I think I'll just get some Worbla and call it a day. And I'd like to find a better method to adhere the foam to the catsuit since hot glue doesn't do so well with foam to fabric paired with movement. I also want the chest armor to look less bulky and more form fitting.

But yeah, I really did have a wonderful time planning and making this. My wallet may have cried, but my heart fluttered increasingly as I progressed.:D I really could not have made this costume without this forum. I may not be an active poster, but this community truly is invaluable to me. <3 Thank you all.

I'm now addicted to cosplay and I'm already looking to begin my second cosplay! I've also began a fanpage on Facebook for my cosplay endeavors.

Even more awesome, I got fanart! Well sort of, it is a gift, but a friend got it commissioned from an artist to celebrate my costume as a surprise! :D

You really got it perfectly!!! So well done, you look so awesome and so does Fit it Felix! What an amazing idea for a cosplay!
This is one of those costumes that is "sexy". NOT because you show cleavage or butt crack BUT because the character was a bad ass chick! Well done!
Looks amazing! I think you did a great job with your painting, the gun looks perfect, can't even tell its a Nerf any more.
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