my enterprise e colors are alittle bright

wolverine solo

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after having this for awhile I decided to finish it. I wasnt sure what the real white was for the body so I used a easy silver, then so as not to make it to standoutish I used flourencent red and blue on the warp narceles.


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Well done, man!! I'm not certain on the 'exact' base color of the E but that would certainly do well in natural / stellar lighting conditions. Great model you have there.


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Nice variation!

The main hull is 90% FS 36622 (Federal Standard color codes), with 10% flat white. The semi-light portions should be FS 36622, The med-dark sections I used 90% 36440 Flat Gull Gray and 10% white, and for the dark (which isn't black) I used FS 36440 + black + DK Panzer Gray + wood until I got it right.

The main colors were listed in the instructions, from what I remember, and I got most of the shades from there, as well as screen pauses (95- before "screen caps") comparing the tones with the FS colors I had.

I'll try and post pics of the "map" I drew out, that helped me with that painting nightmare.


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I have "Color Maps", that I drew for painting the E. I built the ship in 98, and it's one of my best models.

PM me for the pics- I took them down for space.