My Ectomobiles - so far - pics! Finished!!


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Ok, I'm that close to actually finishing these suckers but I figured, since I've taken pics of the builds, I should show someone.

What I've been doing - I have both the '89 Ertl Ecto-1A (from GBII) and the new PL Ecto-1 and decided to build them in tandem.

The 1A was in my storage locker for over a decade - the decal sheet pretty much was a write off and I lost the tires, hubs and axles. There was also a ridiculous amount of flash left on the sprue to deal with.

So, I had to recreate the Decals as well I created as many of the warning labels, signs and various control panels for both cars - in the doing I decided that since I really did not like the GBII logo, I would use the original logo on both cars. I did get the JT set for the PL, but could only used some of them (I don't know where he got his reference pics from, but they are not of the real Ectomobile)

I found a cheap truck that had similar enough tires and rims (but the wheel base was very different! used a brass rod cut to the correct length)

Since I planned on concentrating on the interior, I used various bits of info from the web (this site as one) and made up 2 sets of Proton packs with storage racks, traps, magazines and newspapers. This also led up to the issue of the windows and the split tint on them. The PL ecto came with a full dark tint rear window that I have to replace completely. I've tried a few methods and have ended up using real car window tint that I'm still applying (no pics)

I did my best (so far) to accurize the roof racks for both - though I still need to attach cables to the lightbars and such. I've detailed the boxes located in the front area and added the missing radar dome to the 1A.

These models had a few first for me - bare metal foil, window tint, Future floor wax, plus a bunch that I've forgot about

Well, once I'm done the windows, I begin the process of actually putting the cars together (finally) and applying the final touches. I have wire for the antennas and need to manufacture something for the Ecto-1's 2nd antenna. But they are looking pretty good so far!

Now on to the pics:

Minature Proton Packs!

Both Front Consoles Ecto1 and 1A

The rear interiors

The equipment racks

Ecto-1 foiled

Ecto-1A foiled with the interior and bumpers temporarily attached

Thats all for now - enjoy


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Yeah Kenny,

I foiled the window frames. the hood lines, the thin pinstripes that separated the red and white paint, door handles and theres a metal edge along the bottom beneath the door (added later than the photos)

And Phase Pistol - I have that DieCast on it's way as well, seems every time I do car model they bring out a DieCast (BTTF Delorean, Keaton Batmobile) - Let the world know, I'm doing ED-209 from Robocop next!

phase pistol

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Talisen wrote:
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seems every time I do car model they bring out a DieCast (BTTF Delorean, Keaton Batmobile) - Let the world know, I'm doing ED-209 from Robocop next!
</TD></TR><TR><TD><HR></TD></TR></TABLE><SPAN CLASS=$row_color>

Oooo! I can't wait for my diecast ED-209!

Just kidding, but still...

- Karl


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REALLY nice work! i've been wanting to do a similar project with both ectomobiles, just never got around to it.

how did you create new windows for the rear on the PL car? i've always been intimidated by foil... looks like this thread just gave me the inspiration to do it, lol...


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d_osborn - for the PL car I used the main windshield piece and then the rest was made from clear styrene. I did the small curved rear windows using Thermaform from Squadron Plastics (I originally expected to do the entire set of windows that way, but it didn't turn out.

As for the foil, this was my first project with it and it was rather easy, just cut the piece you need that's slightly larger than the area and buff it down with a Q-tip, then cut around the shape (basically, follow the instructions on the package

RiverofSlime - I posted in your "looking for Ecto's" thread a few weeks back - yeah, when they're finished I'll send some pics your way (I'm so happy with the way they're turning out I'll probably be posting everywhere!

And Darth Brass - yeah those packs are scratchbuilt! The basic idea came from
here. I modified it some after looking at various reference pics.

Well, the 1A is virtually finished now and the 1 is damn close. I spent the evening adding wires and cables to the 1A so all that's left is some assembly the to do the same detailing to the 1, sadly it'll probably be later in the week before I can do anymore (i'm in Canada so I don't get tomorrow off)

Stay tuned!


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Ok! Done! Yay!

Here's a couple quick photo of the final Ectos! I took a bunch that I have to sort through to send for proper display, but these are the end results!

I'm happy!

The Ecto 1

The Ecto 1A


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Damn!! Those are just plain awsome!!!!!! You did a good job minus the tiny some mistakes. But your craftsman ship makes up for it. Now do u want me to take the pics you got on this thread or you want to email me them?


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And what would be those tiny mistakes? Curious.

I plan on taking some more photos on the weekend, I'll send you those.


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Well they all deal with Ecto-1, Your Ecto-1a is just plain awsome it looks like you use my E1a gallery ( hehe i found over 3/4 of the pics on the web. Anyways heres whats wrong with E1.
1. The steering wheel is Wood not soild black

2. The long tank on Ecto-1 is to pale. It needs to be a more greenish
But thats only tiny stuff overall i give you a 9.8 out of 10 but those mistakes can easly be fixed.


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I'll give you that on the Steering wheel. As for the side tank, it actually is more green than that photo implies.

Wait for the rest of the pics, hopefully, you'll be able to see what I mean.

I also don't have that cord hanging down next to Zed!

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