My Destiny Warlock build for CCEE '16 WIP

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    This is going to be my official first build as a member of RPF. It is a pretty cool feeling.

    Anyways, the plan is to build a Warlock for my boyfriend, from scratch. He plans on helping and I will give him freedom to use my account but the sewing is my turf. Haha.
    We aren't sure about the helmet or weapon. But we have some idea for what he will wear.

    These are the only reference photos, not his own character.

    Nerigal Savant III-Chest Armour (I also found a few YouTube videos with 360* references)

    The Five Lives of Albios-Warlock Bond
    This one was made by


    The pattern for the cloak was pretty straight forward. I used a drafting pattern from Pattern Cutting for Men's Costume by Elizabeth Friendship.

    It was one of the first drafting patterns in the book (the basic upper torso draft). There is a nice little chart in the first few pages tha help you out if you don't get every measurement under the sun (like cross chest or arm-scythe depth). One thing that bugged me is that the armholes were pretty small. I will get to fix that in the next few days and then double check the sleeve hole.

    For the skirt part of the cloak I just squared down from the princess seams (normally dead center between the center front and the side seam) and worked me way down for 30 inches. I then added the design lines and made some notches for matching.

    So far this is what I have. Unfortunately I cannot get exact fabrics but there are different color shaders in the game so I guess I have that going for me.
    2015-09-08 00.19.31.jpg 2015-09-08 00.19.50.jpg 2015-09-08 00.20.22.jpg

    Next I will be fixing the arm hole, sleeves and add lining to the skirt. Then start drafting the collar, shoulder decorations and the hip flag (as seen on a few YouTube channels).
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    Love destiny, keep it up

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