My custom Morphers

Darth Goofy

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Hi everyone this is my first thread here but not my first post. I'm also a member of RangerBoard. Anyway I just want to show you my customization. This is my white ranger morpher inspired by Cloud1414 at RB. but with gold bolts instead of black. All paint. Gold is Krylom Premium Metallic.


Here is with black circle as sugested by D-D-D-Demon! on RB.


Final stage until now with chrome metallic gold bolts (not glued yet) and Starlight.Studios metal coin.:love


And my gold morpher with new version metal dragon coin from Starlight.Studios on eBay that still needs the stickers from Zuyranger and maybe the metal gold plates.


Just let me know what you all think. Sorry for this being to long.
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Harry Bardwell

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Wow, to be honest I would kill for a morpher and belt holder, so I'm already jealous of that :). Although I'm not normally a fan of custom morphers (I think they got it right the first time :p ) I must say I really like your take on it, its traditional while being its own thing, good job :). Btw I've seen that cat power coin around a lot what is the story on that, I've never understood it.

Darth Goofy

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Thanks everybody for your positive comments, I always appreciate good criticism. The first coin (as in fist pic) is actually the little badge that comes with the white ranger toy glove.(the one that sounds) As for the tiger coin(gold one with the beast) comes with the Tiger Zord ans white ranger 12" figure. Also the white colored one came with the white ranger MMPR The Movie figure. I think BoA never released the one from the show.
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