my custom bio


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as some of you might remember i designed a bio in the hunters gallery some people loved it some hated it. i got this quite a while back but just forgot to post it so

this was the sort of thing i wanted and heres what i got (i customised, cut the sides off and resprayed this what i think was a sort of P1 bio, it was originally blueish grey and had a big silver strip around the center of the bio and had alot of scratches) let me know what you think :eek: size is a little off but trust me it looks good enougth when you wear it :) never realised how limited vision you have when wearing both a full mask and bio at the same time

;) only some parts are made from resin so its not as bad as other bios for breathing out of and the mesh eyes also help breathing






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Wow that surely is different. At first its kinda like.. :) but then it grows on you. It reminds me of the Ceremonial bio from Concrete Jungle. Keep up the good work man. Im really liking this bio! ;)


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Cool stuff to see it come to life. I recall the concept you did and I've seen some other ones on so to see it in 3d is kinda cool


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thanks for letting me know what you think guys ;) i plan on using this for the bad bloods bio in my fan film i hope to do later this year or early next year :)
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