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Im the kind of sweet guy that you find in the shadows, you know the ones that are bright but jilted because they have some different interests. i grew up around animals and that may have affected my socialization techneique a good deal. i tend to write and draw, but the ideas i come up with seem to be a bit too unoriginal, or atleast thats the impresion that other people tend to let me think on about 90% of my work.<br />
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Ooman Dragon<br />
As the son of a colonial gologist Lex was in the feilds most of the time helping collect cores and haul them back to the colony for study, though he tended to spend much of his spare time on the shooting ranges and in sparing sesions with colonial guards. after they stumbled upon two deralict ships his life would never be the same. the first he spent a good deal of time looking through finding all sorts of weapons of alien manufacture, after the second ship was uncovered the Xenomorphs over ran the coloney and soon a Yautja elder and clan came to clean up the mess, he had to quickly lean what the weapons did, and after saving the elder and several others of the clan he was allowed in as a blooded member, though he endured many battles in the clan to ensure his place and earning the nickname (among others)&quot;Two Gun&quot; because of his preferance to useing two Casters over one.

i tend be a bit all over the map, and most of it is still a little blank (so to speak).
Mar 8, 1984 (Age: 40)
missouri -US