my colonial marine so far


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i did start pepping this a while ago - and whilst i was halfway through it and it went togeather ok - upon trying it on it was so terribly bad to wear, uncomfy in many ways, and it was my first pep try so i have learnt many things about the process since i scrapped the original armour idea (having back issues really added to the hassle of wearability if needed)

i may well go back to it and do another one day now i know what i do now about pepping.

so with the initial pep armour now scrapped to the shed i was on the hunt for an alternative.........

so i chose the infamous spat armour - mainly due to its wearability but i had reservations until i saw a set nickotrom had painted and got it to look very good. ,

out i went on the humbrol hunt, bought the tins and some brushes and set to work the same day. (total of 1 week to do), the helmet i made myself from an m1, pep files for the lobster plates and strike plate, ear sections pepped and 2 headphone extensions for the mic and boom, resin cam off ebay, pentax lens - im certainly in no hurry to be grinding another m1 helmet this lifetime (build was a total of 1 week to do), matsuo shoulder lamp arrived last friday so got it on.

overall im well chuffed with my first costume build, some little things left to do, change and add so here it is so far:







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looks ready for battle thats for sure, not sure how accurate it is however, reference pictures would of allowed me to better appreciate the work
I like your smoky/dirty look! The only constructive criticism I might make is that the silver highlights are pretty contrasty when compared with the rest of the armor. That may just be the way the camera captures it, though. I think this is one of the cooler Colonial Marine buildups I've seen. Great job.
Hi I was wondering what exact humbrol colors you used.
And how did you get that smoked look.
So if you could send some info that would help
so much...thank you
looks awesome . got my spat armor coming too , and want to know what colors you used to paint your armor . looks great ! love the helmet . where did you get the bdu s ?
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