my CHEAP Pulse Rifle :)


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Just wanted to share with you guys (and the legacy boards) the progress on my "wilco" Pulse Rifle. This is on the cheap. The Kit cost me $80, came with the flamer unit, and a gerber casting.

The thompson mag is real. I got it from gunbroker for about $20.

The 870 for inside the plastic spas cage (I have a lot of dremel work to do on it) is a cheapo as well, and just happens to be perfect for this project. The pump grip screw hole lines up with the vent holes perfectly.

I got the shotgun off ebay for about $10. The cage came with the kit.

The shroud was a BEEOTCH to cut, and line up. It's still not right, but I'll tell you what, if you don't know what you're doing, you're going to ruin it. As it is I have to fix a few mistakes I made.

And I don't much care for the stubby little stock that came with this kit, so I am considering adding an old airsoft stock that came with a korean Mp-5. Not sure how I'd do that, but it would be a folding stock, and could looks very cool.

More pics as the project progresses. Hoping to have this done before I leave for Arizona and The Gathering of Nations.



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Customize that beastie. :D

Please post progress pictures, I have a certain vested interest in those kits ;)