my bttf drive switch


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ok big apologies for the die hards again - being in the uk many things are only available on import - so after buying the items we get an additional import duty added often doubling the original cost.

i also had trouble reading all the labels and to put xmas tree on the box i didnt like so i replaced it with flux flow

so i built this from uk only sourceable parts

the box is a metal project box wrapped in conformable vinyl, toggle switches and labels, the stop switch and lights were bought in the uk as i couldnt find the same sorts. the handle is a genuine spark plug cleaner - which i managed to find in the uk. the daytom box is totally scratch built - due to import tax issues - if i was going to have paid the money for a switch i may as well have bought a ready built one - so that takes the fun out of things.

the the daytom was made from styrene, dibond, i purchase 50mm washers, 20mm pipe and cut them up to recreate the black tube inside the box, i then bought earthing straps, added some wire, cut a bit of acrylic and bent it.

the overall item is 10% smaller than the original due to the size of box that was available to me in the uk.

this was my 2nd build so again im very happy with it





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