My big new toy


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I don't know what's more outrageous. The size of that thing or the shameless MR advertising :D

Jedi Bailinkski

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Originally posted by moffeaton@Mar 7 2006, 07:13 PM
Just got this baby in the mail today.

Now... to find the TIME to work on it.

I see alot of things I would like in the background of that photo.... :)

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Custom Replicas 66" er.

I actually saw Scott working on the master for it the few times I was down at the shop.

You going to get the laser cut bridge deck plates and stairs for it?



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Hells yes.
Are the grates still available? Do you remember who was selling them?

I won't build this in earnest until the Salon kit is ready... this baby screams for a salon.

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The exterior deck grates I don't know, something that will have to be looked into over at DS.
Perhaps some one has an extra set.

The bridge deck grates and stairs are still being tweaked before the run is done.
It will also have the wood map table.
Still time to get in on it I believe.

And yes that thing screams for the salon.

Someone also did a run on accurate metal props, mainly for the R/C crowd.

I need to get working on my 31".


ps, you did a great job on that 31" you where working on earlier.

pps, Theo just started working on his 66" with a complete step by step.
Right now he's repairing a crack in the hull.


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Nice try to get a pan big enough to fry that "fish" :lol

Can´t wait to see your progress shots of the Nautilus.
GO Jason, GO Jason, GO Jason :D