My adventures in machining on a mini lathe and mini mill


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Inspired by Sean (masterjedi322 ) I thought I'd chronicle my learning of new skills in machining. I purchased my equipment from Little Machine Shop and they are the HiTorque 7350 lathe (the 5100 with dro and metal handles) and the 3990 mill with the bluetooth dro kit.

I wanted to make sure that I make something useful as I learn, so I have a handful of small tool projects lined up to get me introduced to each material. First up, and now complete, is my brass scribe! I made it with stock purchased on Ebay and it has a compartment inside to hold 4 extra scribe tips. The tips are trimmed heavy #16 carpet sewing needles held in place with Loctite 680. I'll just need to heat the end of the scribe a bit when I need to replace the sharp pointy end. (I already have the machinist terminology down. Nailed it.)


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