My 3D printed New Hope R2-D2 Work in progress


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Thought it was about time I shared my progress on my New Hope inspired R2 build.

He's 100% 3D printed (except for electrical systems, and will be fully functioning when complete.

I'm aiming to get the look of the new hope droid and have spent a lot of time perfecting a paint effect to look like the transparent blue dykem dye used on the 1977 droid (you could see the metal through it, and it gets darker the thicker it is), I've used alclad candy clear to get this effect.




I went down a pretty deep rabbit hole researching the holoprojectors and am now pretty close to the colours of the originals. A lot of people make these in metal or paint them silver, in fact the originals were surplus reading lamps from a viscount airliner, still in their factory (slightly metallic) grey paint, the graps weren't metal at all and were made from bakerlite plastic. I've painted them in a mid/ight grey and a mist coat of alclad silver to give them the right sheen (doesnt show well on camera). The insert rings are off white as on the originals. The grasps are printed from scans of the original.


The lights are my own budget solution and not screen accurate... but only cost me £30 to make! The logic displays are cheap white LED name badges, programmed to display random noise, withLEDs painted over in different colours (half of the front ones in blue, a mix of red, green and yellow on the back).

I'll post up more images as I work on it, body is well under way!
Seeing folk's machined alu holo projectors is the first thing that bugs me, none of that is screen accurate and if your trying to go for a screen look there is your first problem, I have machined holos but they will be getting painted when I fit them.

Good job on the dome so far.
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