My 1:1 Maximillian

Would be awesome to make a man cave to match him -

awesome, will watch this thread with great interest! I love this movie as a kid. Even though it was old then :p lol I Had a movie poster in my room
This is looking very promising indeed.... The Black Hole might not have been the greatest film of all time but the evil Robots were pretty damn cool!:eek
Yeah, I have mixed feelings about the movie, and not all that keen on the sentry robots or Old Bob, but there has never been a better evil robot.
Max, the ship, and the insane scientist were all pretty good. Movie overall was not a masterpiece - but good bits here and there for sure.
So how are you gagging the geometry of this piece "Robotiki"? Looks pretty damned close... Do u have blue-prints or are you using that brilliant model kit they released ages ago?
@ Morris-for now there will be no moving parts until my finances catch up. But later I plan on some motors here and there.
@ "Cyberman" -the plans came from Professor Rhinehart.
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